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What Is External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation (“EWI”) is the primary method for upgrading the thermal efficiency of properties with solid walls.

Most houses within the UK before 1930 were built with solid walls meaning they do not have cavities that can be packed with insulation. These houses can be insulated effectively with external solid wall insulation to reduce the rate of heat transfer through the structure thus significantly reducing heat requirements.

EWI is typically a layer of thermal insulation that is mechanically fixed to an existing external wall and covered with a particular type of render for a protected weatherproof finish.

The render tends to be reinforced cement based with a mineral or synthetic finish and plaster. Although brick slips, tiles, and a variety of decorative finishes can also be used. This also adds value as it improves the aesthetic of your home.

These insulation boards are usually expanded polystyrene, phenolic resin, polyurethane foam, or rockwool mineral wool and all these materials provide a variety of benefits and applications that perform slightly differently.

If your property has any existing render then we will need to carry out a render test to ascertain if it’s current condition is robust enough to hold the external insulation. If this isn’t the case then the existing render will need to be taken off before the insulation can be attached to the brickwork.

Why Use External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation is a great way to further improve the energy efficiency of your property and help tackle those rising energy bills.

Although more expensive than traditional cavity wall insulation, EWI isn’t restricted by the thickness of the cavity so has greater energy saving benefits. The thickness of the insulation boards can also be as thick as 200mm with no risk of losing valuable internal space within your property.

This will reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your walls thus saving you money on your heating bill. As the boards are applied externally this also reduces the amount of disruption within your property and avoids disturbing the inside of existing buildings. EWI is ideal for projects where space is at a premium and won’t reduce the size of your rooms unlike other forms of insulation.

External wall insulation systems are also typically highly water-repellent and breathable – allowing any moisture to escape and reducing the possibility of mould and bacterial growth inside your home. It’s weatherproof qualities also helps avoid damp and water ingress through your walls.

Again you can also choose between a variety of different colours and textures to finish the outside walls – improving the aesthetic of your home!

Our external wall insulation specialists are always available to assist you and can suggest the best EWI solution for your home. You can read our other blog posts on the different types of external wall insulation and also the benefits of rockwool mineral wool.

There are also typically grants and alternative funding available for external wall insulations through local councils so definitely worth investigating.

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