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Roof Cleaning & Coatings

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Roof Cleaning & Coatings

We offer thorough Roof Cleaning and Coating Services, designed to completely rejuvenate your old, tired roof, making it look brand new!

Maintaining a clean roof protects it from damage, keeps it looking aesthetically pleasing, and generally extends the longevity of its’ life.

Working across South East England we offer:

  • Roof Cleaning and Demossing services
  • Roof treatment to kill the root of the organic growth and to prevent future build up.
  • Protective seal and coloured coatings to make your roof look as good as new, and weaterproof it for over 10 years to come!
Roof cleaning and renovation services before and after - demossing, proactive roof coatings

Benefits of Roof Cleaning & Coatings

Prolong Roof Lifespan

Avoid the expense of re-roofing by renovating your roof and protecting it for another 10 years plus!

Prevent Damage

Moss and algae cause damage to your roofing materials. Cleaning and protective sprays will preserve the structural integrity of your roof.

Protects for Years

Our protective sprays effectively weatherproof your tiles for over 10 years, avoiding recleaning in the near future.

Looks like New

Bring your roof back to life, making it look new again for years to come, and increasing the value of your home.



Roof Cleaning, Protective Spray & Coloured Coating Services

South East England

Our Services

Choose just Roof Cleaning or opt for a total protect and rejuvenation, it's up to you.

Roof Cleaning

Thorough roof cleaning, debris removal, moss and algae removal.

Roof Treatment

Target and kill the root of organic growth, and prevent future regrowth.

Roof Coatings

Choose a clear protective coating or coloured protective coating to revamp the look of your roof.

Coloured Coatings

Protect and revamp in one go! 
Roof protective coating colour options

A clear roof spray coating is also available.

Moss is destructive!

Don’t let moss destroy your roof.

Moss can damage materials leading to very costly repairs. By preventing the build-up of moss and algae, you’re preserving the structural integrity of the roof, and ultimately protecting yourself from the cost of repairs or even roof replacement.

Add over 10 years to the life of your roof!

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